MPI Stuttering Treatment Program

The MPI treatment schedule is divided into four phases: Pretreatment, Establishment, Transfer, and Maintenance. Each phase of the therapy is designed to be managed jointly by the client and the clinician. It is expected that the Pretreatment Phase will be largely directed by the clinician. The subsequent phases will be largely self-managed, but required regular validation by the clinician in charge of the program. Once treatment is complete, most clients achieve natural-sounding stutter-free speech.

Pretreatment Phase

The Pretreatment Phase is composed of within-clinic speaking tasks and Beyond-clinic speaking tasks. The principal purpose of the Pretreatment Phase speaking task is to (a) collect baserate beyond- and within-clinic recordings of the subject’s speech performance and (b) identify the subject’s functional PI range.

Establishment Phase

The goal of the Establishment Phase is for the client to achieve stutter-free and natural sounding speech within the clinic. This is accomplished by using specialized biofeedback software that is customized to the client by the clinician.

Transfer Phase

The aim of the Transfer Phase is for the client to transfer the same stutter-free and natural sounding speech established within the clinic outside of the clinic. This is accomplished with real-world speaking assignments (i.e. talking on the phone, to a person, etc).

Maintenance Phase

The purpose of the Maintenance Phase is to maintain the progress achieved in the Transfer Phase while gradually reducing the client off of the speaking tasks.

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